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The Next Level in Home Defense & Firearm Storage

About Us

img-homesafe.jpgQuestion...if you were a thief, where would you look to steal valuable items?

Let's face it, keeping personal items like guns, property deeds, passports, or jewelry in a home safe isn't very secure. Safes, lock boxes, and gun cases are obvious places for intruders to look, and each can be removed to be opened later. Items hidden in drawers or under mattresses are easily discovered. Gun racks are accessible by children – not exactly the most secure storage solution for firearms.

Sometimes the Most Secure Hiding Places are the ones Nobody Can See

Covert Cabinets® is the industry leader in concealed firearm, document, and jewelry storage. We offer a variety of hidden compartment furniture designed to allow quick and easy, but hidden access.

Covert Cabinets wall-mounted shelves are an attractive addition to any home or office.  All of our products have customizable storage areas and most of our products utilize magnetic locking solutions.  The magnetic lock-and-key solution prevents children or potential thieves from discovering and removing your concealed guns, documents or jewelry. 

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Secure Wills, Passports and Other Important Documents

Secret Jewelry Storage is also Available

Commitment to Quality and Excellence

Since day one our goal has been to create the best and highest quality secret concealment storage cabinets and shelves in the world. We take great pride in knowing that we have helped our customers to securely store their guns, documents, jewelry and other valuables through an attractively designed unit.